We believe in the strength of brands and companies.

And we believe in the power of films and commercials.

This defines our passion.


Since 2010, Hafengold Film has been dedicated to telling great stories. In online formats, on TV, in cinemas and on social media. In under thirty seconds, in minutes or even in a few minutes more. For us, good storytelling is not determined solely by channels, lengths or budgets. Rather, we believe that it is above all passion that ensures that stories touch and inspire people. That has always been the case and will always remain so.

Everything from a single source: from conception, script development andproduction to post-production.

Every project is different. Nevertheless, it is always about planning, managing and supporting the big picture. In addition to all the creativity and fun involved in implementation, we also ensure that budgets are adhered to and timings are not unnecessarily exceeded. This may sound a little stuffy, but for us it’s not just the result that counts, but also the way to get there.

Before we really get started, we take a close look at your wishes, goals and ideas. We listen to you carefully and ask specific questions. Better one more than one too few in the end.

Our many years of experience and broad expertise guarantee you the best possible advice. During this phase, we will also introduce you to our diverse range of creative professionals and discuss suitable candidates with you. In this way, we pave the way for us to implement your vision together and deliver an outstanding end product.

Our network has grown over the years and includes passionate creatives from all areas of film production. Whether conception, direction, camera or editing – all the creatives we work with bring unique skills and a personal signature to the table. Whether on a national or international level – we have the right partners for your project.

Our work and our commitment are in line with the values of renowned associations such as DRCT and the Producers Alliance, because mutual trust and respect are the basis for good and creative cooperation.

After we have formulated your vision together, we start the conception phase. We develop creative approaches to communicate your message effectively and design unique visual elements.

In this phase of the project, we develop a detailed script or storyboard that serves as the foundation for your film or commercial. We always keep an eye on the budget and technical possibilities in order to set realistic goals. We also select the right partners and introduce you to suitable directors for the project.

As soon as the concept has been finalized and approved by you, it’s time for production. We take care of all aspects of the shoot, from selecting the right location and casting to putting together the film crew and equipment. Our team turns the concept into reality and ensures a smooth production. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that your film not only has the desired quality and atmosphere, but is also one thing above all else in the end: your film.

In cooperation with our sister company Post productions, we can offer you the entire post-production process in-house. Thanks to this close cooperation, you benefit from short communication channels, uncomplicated coordination and efficient processes.

In this final step of production, the film footage becomes the finished product. First, a content track is created, which is given the desired look by adding visual effects, animations and graphics. Audio editing with speech and music also takes place here.

The end result is a film that is ready to be presented on a wide variety of platforms.

Yesterday was tomorrow today. In hardly any other industry does this statement apply more than in film. Technical innovations and pioneering achievements in film technology have always influenced our work.

However, it is not always new, ground-breaking possibilities in computer technology or special effects that amaze us. It is often the supposedly small things. AI and intelligent assistants help us every day to speed up or simplify a wide variety of tasks.

That’s why our work doesn’t stop with the completion of a film or commercial, because different parameters may already apply to the next project. That’s the reason why we always remain curious, because in the end you will also benefit from this.

We understand the unique challenges that foreign productions face when realizing their projects in a new environment. We offer our expertise, access to first-class resources and talent, the provision of suitable locations and support with permits and logistics as a production service.

Our experience in working with international teams enables us to guarantee smooth processes. From planning to on-site implementation, we support you in successfully realizing your creative vision in our country.

From the initial idea to the finished film- We accompany you every step of the journey.

As a full-service film production company, we see ourselves as experts in the creation of films and the implementation of advertising campaigns.

We work closely with you to get your message across effectively and attractively. From conception and planning to shooting and post-production, we are at your side. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that your commercial achieves the desired effect.

In short: our experts have the necessary know-how to develop unique visual concepts and realize elaborate productions – whether national or international.

Fancy a commercial? Great, so do we. Just get in touch with us!

Hafengold Film produces customized social media films to strengthen your presence on all platforms from LinkedIn to TikTok and target your audience. We help you to present your message in an appealing format, be it through storytelling, product presentations, tutorials, customer reviews or completely new, creative approaches.

Fancy some social media content? Great, so do we. Just get in touch with us!

A corporate video is a powerful tool to present and reinforce the standing and identity of your company, brand or organization.

The image film project always begins with a thorough needs analysis in which we understand your goals, target groups and messages. Based on this information, we work with you to develop a tailor-made concept that optimally reflects your corporate identity.

During production, we rely on a perfectly coordinated team and pay attention to every detail to ensure a perfect visual realization. Our goal is to communicate your message in an engaging and authentic way while providing an aesthetically pleasing film experience.

Fancy a corporate video? Great, so do we. Just get in touch with us!

Every branded content film starts with an analysis of your company or brand DNA. We want to understand who you are, what you represent and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Based on this, we develop a concept that is perfectly tailored to your brand message. We also take care of the seemingly small details to ensure that the finished film exceeds your expectations wherever possible.

Fancy some branded content? Great, so do we. Just get in touch with us!


We are a well-coordinated team that enjoys what we do. Our team consists of passionate and experienced filmmakers who understand – and above all love – their craft. The combination of creativity and today’s technical developments constantly opens up new ways for us to tell great stories. That’s exactly what we get up for every day. And we love doing it.

Do you want to create something great? Wonderful, so do we.